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The World of Relevel

Relevel is more than an app. More than a company. Relevel is a path forward for the world harmed by the desk jobs. With Relevel, you will prepare your body for the challenges introduced by your daily job. With Relevel, you will thrive.

Our Mission

“To eliminate pain caused by the sedentary lifestyle”
Many of us spend the majority of every day sitting. Our jobs require us to spend long hours at our desks or in conference rooms. Unfortunately, the human body is not well adapted to this new reality. Sooner rather than later, we’re starting to feel the consequences of the sedentary lifestyle. We feel the pain. Our backs, necks, shoulders... and other parts of the body are affected, and our productive lives are quickly turning into an unproductive nightmare. This is exactly why we’ve started Relevel.Relevel will give you your life back. Our training programs are custom built to counter the damage caused by desk jobs. We’re on the mission to eliminate pain caused by the sedentary lifestyle.

About Emilia

Emilia dedicated her life to helping people thrive. As a certified Pilates teacher, she works with professionals of all walks of life affected by the severe pain in various areas of the body.All of her clients over the years had one thing in common– their bodies were not adapted to unavoidable requirements of daily life. With either lack of regular training or the wrong training, their lives quickly degraded to an insufferable existence full of misery.Fortunately, with custom-designed regular training, based on Pilates principles, they managed to reverse the damage and get back to their lives fully equipped for the future. With Relevel, Emilia brings the magic of those highly successful training programs to the entire world!

Family Business at the Core (Pun Intended!)

Relevel is not a plot created by a massive faceless corporation. Relevel is a business started by a family (Emilia and her husband Marcin) wanting to help people thrive in our desk-bound world. Our commitment to the mission is the foundation of everything we do.Emilia is the heart and brain of Relevel. Her custom-designed training programs are assuring that Relevel can achieve its mission. Marcin is responsible for the design and the technical side of the project.

Healthy Body in the Desk-Bound World

At Relevel, we believe that a daily dose of movement is essential. No 1-hour of intense workout once a week can substitute an everyday exercise. Even a 15-minute workout a day will improve your quality of life and help to take the aches away. We want to help you be your most productive and happy self at your workplace!
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