Healthy Body in
the Desk-Bound World.

Relevel is the mobile fitness app on the mission to eliminate pain caused by the sedentary lifestyle. Professional training plans, easy daily routines, and fun exercises will take away the aches caused by sitting in front of the computer too much.

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Professional daily training programs will help you eliminate

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We strive to improve your wellbeing in the workplace! Relevel app has over 200 exercises targeting the most common aches associated with desk jobs. The personalized 15-minute workouts help you fit a healthy movement into your busy workday. No need to change into fitness clothes!
By signing-up you fully consent to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

5 Steps to Level Up Your Life!

  • Tell us about yourself

    First, we ask you questions about the areas of your body that currently feel achy, as well as any existing injuries that might affect your quality of movement.
  • Get personal workout

    Based on the information you provide, our smart engine will personalize your workout, choosing exercises best fitted for what needs to be improved to make you feel great.
  • Choose the duration

    Next, select the amount of time you want to spend working out. You can choose from anything between 15 minutes at a time to 1 hour.
  • Exercise daily!

    Relevel will advise you on the number of short workouts you should do weekly. Now add your workout plan to your calendar.
  • Set a reminder!

    Set a reminder to repeat your healthy movement and thrive!

Everything You Need.

  • Personalized Trainings

    Our smart engine will choose exercises best fitted for your needs. Whether you are dealing with lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, or other conditions commonly associated with a sedentary lifestyle, Relevel will provide you with a personalized safe and effective workout that you can do anywhere. Even in front of your desk!

  • Dedicated Programs

    The sedentary lifestyle causes some muscles to overdevelop, while others become weak and inhibited. Taking your body from desk to athletic effort can sometimes harm you more than help you. Our dedicated exercise programs prepare your desk-bound body best for your favorite activity–from tennis through running, cycling to skiing. Our app will help you relevel your body so you can level up your game!

  • Behind the Desk Exercises

    Thrive beside all the sitting. Being desk-bound doesn't mean you need to miss out on movement. If you don't have a luxury of a 1-hour lunchtime yoga class, you can still improve your health and mood by practicing personalized workouts in the vicinity of your desk.

Created by Professionals.

Emilia Wysocka-Treder, founder and CEO at Relevel, is a certified Pilates teacher with nearly a decade of experience. She works in the heart of Silicon Valley, helping her desk-bound clients deal with the aches caused by the number of hours spent in front of the screens.

Say Goodbye to Body Aches

Nearly 35% of all work injuries are office ergonomics injuries. Why should you be in pain when in front of your desk? Our training programs will give you a daily dose of movement without changing into fitness clothes. You will become more aware of how to best position yourself in front of the computer to minimize the strain and avoid future injuries! You might not avoid being desk-bound, but with help from your personalized Relevel program, you can make it a better experience.
  • Lower Back Pain

    The most common ache associated with desk jobs is lower back pain. About 80% of adults struggle with lower back pain within their life. The lower back pain you experience can be anything from a mild, dull sensation that you can go around with every day to a sharp disabling pain that can require special doctor treatments. Implementing a daily workout routine proves to be helpful in relieving lower back pain caused by the sedentary lifestyle.
  • Shoulder Pain

    Another common complaint from office workers is shoulder pain. Your shoulders suffer from not being mobilized enough and held in a wrong position throughout the day. Hunching over your computer, driving with tensed upper back, slouching doing your daily chores, etc. All these cause many imbalances in your upper back and arms and affect your wellbeing. Relevel training program can help you improve your posture and provide a relief to your tired shoulders.
  • Carpal Tunnel

    With over 8 million people being affected every year, carpal tunnel is another common ergonomic disorder. Tingling, numbing, and later on pain in your hand, preventing you from holding objects are the consequences of neglecting this condition. Repetitive stress, such as typing, moving the mouse, writing, or drawing, significantly contribute to this problem. The right set of daily exercises can help you alleviate carpal tunnel pain!
  • Neck Pain

    20% to 70% of adults complain about neck pain that disturbs their workflow. Leaning towards the screens and taking our head out of its optimal alignment causes the muscles of your neck and upper back to strain and become painful. Extra stress caused by the increased weight on the spine can lead to unpleasant tension headaches. With the right daily exercise routine you can eliminate this discomfort!
  • Sciatica

    Sciatica is a condition that affects about 40% of people, many of which sit for most of the day. The name comes from the sciatic nerve that gets compressed or damaged, causing pain in the lower back that, with time, can travels down your leg along the path of the nerve. Sciatica can be a very disruptive condition that can interfere with the quality of your life! Implementing a daily workout routine with Relevel can help you battle sciatica!
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